Friday, February 18, 2011

Bridge Blog 385: Anamoly

          “You should blog about THIS!” Airport Bridge Club director Bill Finketstein declares Friday after the results of the 4.5 table Howell game go up.
          What’s happened in this double-point ACBL Junior Fund game is that two A-strat pairs – Jerry Geiger and John Ziemer, Bev Cohen and Liz Clark – have tied for first, earning 1.53 masterpoints with 60.42% games. However, their point winnings were eclipsed by the pair that finished first in the B and C strats – Dottie May and Ginny Panaro – who had a 57.64% effort. They got 1.59 points.
          As Finkelstein explained, the points for first and second in A were added up and divided by two. First would have been 1.8. Second 1.26. And me? Partner Usha Khurana and I managed to break my point drought for the week. 51.39%. Third in B. 0.89 points. My total for the month now – 5.68.


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