Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridge Blog 381: Erosion

            How come, I ask Airport Bridge Club director Bill Finkelstein, how come I’ve slipped to tenth place in the ACBL’s Ace of Clubs race for 2010? Some clubs don’t send their results in until after the deadline, he says, and they catch up on the following month. Well, damn.
            And now the ACBL has posted the January results. I’m not top dog this time around, that’s for sure. On the Unit 116 level, I’m fifth in the 1000-2500 Ace of Clubs race with 9.81 points, behind Carlton Stone (13.02), Vince Pesce (12.32), Liz Clark (10.85) and John Ziemer (9.90). Gee, Helen Panza (on the 500-1000) list has 9.83 points. In the Mini-McKenney – club play plus tournaments – I’m tenth, last on the list, with 11.94. First is Judy Padgug with 23.96.
            District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh) finds me ninth on the Ace of Clubs list (tops is Nancy Steele of Bridgeport, WV, with 13.63). As for Mini-McKenney, it’s nada. You need 13 points to make the cut. Judy Padgug is sixth. Do I dare look at the national? OK, way out of the picture. I’d need twice as many points to make the Ace of Clubs list and 43-plus for the bottom rungs of the Mini McKenney.

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