Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridge Blog 380: St. Catharines Sectional Day 3

            Swiss teams. I ride up with my partner June Feuerstein and we hook up with Selina Volpatti and a fourth to be announced. It was supposed to be a woman named Donna Johnson, but she never showed, so we got this shaved bald guy named Howard, who was a retired Toronto Board of Education computer guru. Selina was not entirely happy with him – he was very slow, she said – but he seemed to know his stuff.
            June and I had a middling, but not unsatisfactory day, complicated only when she didn’t see hidden cards in her card holder (she’s undergoing hand surgery this week) and thereby underbid on a couple slams. We won our first game big, then lost four in a row, taking us out of the picture and giving us easy opponents for the final two rounds. We finished with 108 victory points, seventh in the C strat, but we needed fifth and 125 vps for bonus points. Instead, we got .18 per winning round. Total of .54. Total for the tournament – 1.81.

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