Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bridge Blog 383: Double or nuttin'

          Just as I’m sinking into obscurity in the Ace of Clubs race this year, along comes February – the ACBL’s Junior Fund month. Clubs  donate $1 per player to the fund and get to offer double masterpoints. I didn’t partake of this bounty in the first few days of the month at the Airport Bridge Club, but this week, on the bounceback from the St. Catharines Sectional, I won points four days in a row.
          Sometimes it was superior play. Monday with Franklin Kidd was a 56.02% game, second overall, 1.31 points. Wednesday with Celine Murray was better yet – 60.84%, first overall, 1.75 points. Sometimes it was solid, but unspectacular, like it was Thursday with Flo Boyd in a 54.17% game, sixth overall, fourth in B, for 1.04 points. And sometimes there was a miracle of stratifications, which happened Tuesday with Marietta Kalman, when a 47.22% game was good enough for fourth in B overall and .69 point.
          And now I’m off for weekend, hanging out with my significant other as she recovers from minor abdominal surgery, but feeling much better about Ace of Clubs. There’s 4.89 points in the bank and 14 more chances to improve on that. And let’s not forget that 1.81 from St. Catharines.

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