Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridge Blog 378: St. Catharines Sectional Day 1

            Nobody told us they’re doing major reconstruction at the hotel and convention center where they hold the annual St. Catharines Sectional Tournament. It looks like they’re adding about 8 floors to the top of the place and the convention center entrance is all blocked off with barriers and building materials. I dropped Helen Panza off at the front door and went looking for parking, finally finding it in the rear of the place. At least there’s a door back there.
            First session Friday afternoon filled the big L-shaped conference room. Our pairs game section was 13.5 tables and it seemed like there were at least two more of the same size, plus a 299er game and a 99er game. Helen and I sat East-West, played mostly Canadian North-Souths and were on defense most of the day. It was probably just as well because we made fewer mistakes that way. We wound up third East-West, first in B, with 54.97%, earning 1.27 silver points.
Finest moment came in the final hand against two toweringly good Buffalo players – Saleh Fetouh and Bud Seidenberg. I opened a Diamond, Saleh bid a Spade, Helen bid 2 Clubs. I looked at my King-doubleton Club holding, my stoppers in Spades, my Ace-King-third of Hearts and went straight to 3 No Trump. Saleh led a low Spade and it was all over. Helen’s hand and mine meshed beautifully. I took the King of Spades and everything else, making four overtricks for a top board.

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