Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridge Blog 374: Potholes

It’s been a bumpy road to masterpoints the past few days. One day I’m up – an all-around first in some careful play with Mike Silverman on Friday, yielding a 64.17% game and 1.87 points. The next few days I’m down. On Saturday, partner Fenton Harrison and I traded minus 1100 games and had a good time, but not good results. On Sunday, the game ran a little late and I left without even seeing what Lorna Brewer and I had accomplished – the incomplete dead last score was enough for me.
With Marie Suprinick in Monday’s double-point double session and chicken barbecue, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A double win would brighten things up considerably, but that hope dimmed in the morning as we continually turned in bad boards and wound up dead last with 34.82%. Marie, I realized, is even more of a compulsive overbidder than I am. In the afternoon session, we seemed to find a balance and the cards seemed more agreeable. Sure enough, it was a 54.38% effort, second North-South in a five-table game, bringing home 0.65 point. Total for the month now – 4.57 black points, 2.13 silver.

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