Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridge Blog 372: 2010 Revisited

Tonight the announcement on the home page of the ACBL website says the office will be closed Monday because of bad weather where they are down South. But they’ve finished tabulating the masterpoint races for 2010. Let’s have a look at the Ace of Clubs (for club play only).
Good news for Bill Boardman. He’s first in the nation in the 5-20 point division with 183.02 points. And there’s Selina Volpatti in 56 th place with 55.19. Paul Zittel’s 24th in the 20-50 point division with 82.69. June Feuerstein’s 46th with 73.06. Paula Salamone’s 31st in the 200-300 division with 120.85. Ross Markello and Cleveland Fleming are 48th and 50th, respectively in the 300-500 division, with 131.12 and 131.04.
And now – drum roll – the 500-1000 point division. Damn! Eighth place with 240.25. And there’s Mike Silverman in 12th place with 222.97. Here’s the top 10:
Charles Christmas, Tallahassee, Fla., 322.50.
Sam Borenstein, West Orange, NJ, 288.34.
Garry Williams, Roswell, Ga., 255.19.
James Weeks, Irvine, Calif., 249.16.
Robert Walters, San Diego, Calif., 248.84.
Steven Andrews, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 245.87.
R. Philip Johnsen, Tallahassee, 245.21.
Dale Anderson, Buffalo, 240.25.
Vivian Wu, Cos Cob, Conn., 236.91.
Ricky Dashefsky, Lake Worth, Fla., 232.76.
Now let’s check out the Mini-McKenney, which is for overall points, clubs and tournaments rolled together. Last month I was 76th. In the final tally, I haven’t slipped too much – just to 78th with 287.02 overall points, right between Gary Carey of Coppell, Texas, with 287.74 and Steven Reichek of Houston with 286.43. Still first is Sankar Reddy of Cerritos, Calif., with 604.69. Of the big Ace of Clubs guys, the highest one on this list is Sam Borenstein with 453.20. He’s sixth. Charlie Christmas is 20th with 383.02.
And then there’s the overall point champ – Jeff Meckstroth of Tampa. 2755.13. Amazing. At the rate I’m going, it would take me 10 years to get that many points.

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