Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bridge Blog 370: Buffalo Winter Sectional Day 2

The rich definitely get richer at these sectionals. And why not? The superior players rise to the top. Friday’s leading pair – Bud Seidenberg and Jay Levy, who had 8.38 first day points – added 3.88 more Saturday morning by coming in second overall. Saleh Fetouh, who’s played with more than one partner, has two seconds Friday and a first and a fifth place finish Saturday for a total of 13.93. Jim Mathis, who has more than 10,000 points lifetime, has added 9.19.
We lesser mortals settle for crumbs from the table. Celine Murray and I managed a 56.75% game in the morning session Saturday, mostly by playing defense, and wound up fifth overall in the B strat, but got better points (1.33) by being second East-West in our section. There were two sections in the morning – 21 tables.
In the afternoon, we took more chances and paid for it by finishing out of the points with a 49% score in a single section 15-table game. So here I am with 1.61 points after two days. To match the 3.68 points I got in last year’s winter sectional, our Swiss team on Sunday will have to come in at least second in the C strat. Yes, C strat. Faith Perry and I are paired with Flo Boyd and, I believe, Ginny Panaro. Despite my 1,000 points, we’ll still add up to just a C.
Meanwhile, hospitality Saturday matched hospitality Friday. More yummy cranberry bread. There was still some confusion about table arrangement, but not as much. Our lunch party at Le Metro in Williamsville included two players from the St. Catharines, Ont., club who suggested that so few Canadians were playing because there was so little publicity about the tournament. The ACBL website didn’t have anything more than a phone number for the longest time, they said, and nobody from Unit 116 sent any info over to them. Note to Unit board: Get some fliers and e-mails and web posts out for these things.

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