Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridge Blog 371: Buffalo Winter Sectional Day 3

It was bad, bad right from the beginning. It took our Swiss team of Faith Perry, Ginny Panaro, Flo Boyd and me four rounds to break into victory point double digits. At that point, some of the leaders were in triple digits. Nevertheless, we were a C team and after lunch we rebounded, winning two straight rounds and reaching a somewhat respectable position. “You guys are doing goood,” Judy Kaprove cooed, coming back from a glance at the scoreboard.  Not really, but better than her team, I guess.
We lost our final round, though. Even if we won, we’d have been about 20 points short of coming in third in C. Even if I hadn’t screwed up those four hands that cost us about 15 International Match Points, we still wouldn’t have cut it. To match the team that actually did come in third in C (1.96 points) – Paul and Linda Zittel, Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman – we needed 111 points. As it was, we collected .52 silver points for our two victorious rounds. Total for the tournament – 2.13.
“Who’s that woman?” somebody asked during the lunch break, indicating a rather trim and attractive brunette in a purple sleeveless vest. Dunno, I said, but I think she’s Canadian. Sure enough, there she is in the picture of the winning A team on the Unit 116 website. The Gordon team. Her team. She’s Diane K.M. Gordon from St. David’s, Ont.

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