Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bridge Blog 373: I need a miracle every day

Me and my Wednesday partner, Celine Murray, didn’t make any major mistakes in this week’s post-lesson game at the Airport Bridge Club. On a couple hands, we even exploited what we’d learned in the lesson about preemptive bidding. When the winners were announced, we were more than happy to have a 56.58% game, third overall, for 0.50 point. No miracles of stratification here. We’re in the A strat. The cutoff was at 1,000 points and I’ve got more than that.
I’m going to have to get used to the idea that, for the most part, the easy points are no longer there. Which means that last year’s figures are going to be tough to match. So far I’ve had no big winning games, just fractions of points here and there. And since club manager Bill Finkelstein hasn’t posted tallies for this month’s masterpoints yet, guess I’ll have to tote them up myself.
Lessee. Last week I squeaked through twice for 0.91 point. Then came the sectional, which was good for 2.13 silver points. And since then, I’ve collected 0.25 on Monday with Celine (50.93% after I found an error in our favor), 0.39 on Tuesday with Judy Kaprove (46.88%) and Wednesday’s 0.50. OK, that’s 2.05 black points to go with the silver – 4.18 overall. Maybe I need to start speaking to the bridge gods.

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