Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bridge Blog 366: New Year's resolutions

Four things that I promise not to do the next time I play with Judy Kaprove, which will be on Friday in the Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament.

1.                          Don’t pre-empt if you’re the dealer, especially if you have a seven-card Spade suit that starts out A-K-Q-J.
2.                          Don’t delay in leading a singleton Ace in defense.
3.                          Don’t forget how to signal point count when partner makes a take-out double. 
4.                          Don’t push to 3 No Trump when partner is showing 10 points or less.

       I did all of these things when I played with Judy at the Airport Bridge Club on Tuesday, but it was good to get them out and identified. All of them resulted in bottom boards, or near bottoms. Without those mistakes, we would have broken over 50%. As it was, we were 45.64%, 10th out of 12 North-Souths.

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