Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bridge Blog 950: Buffalo Spring Sectional

To make a long story short, here’s the summary:
Two sessions Friday with Florence Boyd. One of the few pairs who struck out entirely. Morning session: 45.42%. Afternoon session: 49.46%. Interesting hands, though. See Blog 950-A on what seemed at the time like a brilliant maneuver.
Only one session Saturday because of an obligation to go to Rochester and visit distressed friends, but it counted. Art Matthies and I pulled off a 59.22% game, which I thought was tops East-West until I saw the final results. But second was good, too. 2.61 silver points. See Blog 950-B on the sudden departure of Rita Sofia.
Uncertain arrangements for Sunday’s Swiss teams fell apart, as I suspected they would, but I was lucky enough to pick up Rita Sofia’s partner, Anne Watkins, and the two of us were lucky enough to team with some very good players, Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargeshimer.

We win the first round, but according to Christy, this is not her finest day. We needed to win four rounds to collect extra points in the A strat, but we win only three and wind up with .90 of a silver point. See Blog 950-C to see why this will may have been the final Dupli-Swiss game. 

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