Monday, April 3, 2017

Bridge Blog 946: Glug, glug, glug ...

Fifty percent is the magic marker. It's the dividing line. It's sea level. Below that and you're drowning, you're not racking up half the match points.
Well, the just-concluded month of March saw me foundering below the surface all month long. The only time I managed to come up for breath was March 16, the first day the Airport Bridge Club reopened after the big snowstorm. Teamed up at the last minute with Ron Henrikson, I enjoyed a 54.46% game.
It was the only 50-plus game of the month. It made no difference that I was off for a week of bridge-less vacation in Arizona. I came back to finish the month with a 48.75% with June Feuerstein, 49.40% with Marietta Kalman and 45.94% with Selina Volpatti over in St. Catharines, Ont.
Fortunately, the miracle of stratification smiled in those games with June and Marietta, resulting in point payoffs of 0.22 and 1.14, respectively. That more than doubled my total for the month, which has got to be the most pathetic in recent history.
April seems like a point deluge in comparsion. In two games so far, I've almost matched March's output, helped along by the resumption of double point games at the Airport Bridge Club.
A 51.98% effort with Denise Slattery on April 1 turned out to be second overall and rewarded us with 1.78 points. And today, Monday, April 3, a 49.70% game with Florence Boyd netted us second place in the B strat East-West and another 0.69 points. Here's hoping this April shower keeps pouring down. 

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