Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bridge Blog 950-A: Brilliant?

Friday afternoon. Board 5. Jim Gullo and Donna Steffan are East-West and work their way up into slam territory, where Jim plants the flag at 6 Clubs. Not what I expected with these hands, but it’s odd enough to turn into a winner. Partner leads the 5 of Spades.

East (Jim)
Spades: 8-2; Hearts: A-Q-J-4; Diamonds: 3; Clubs: K-9-8-5-4-2.

South (Art Matthies)
Spades: Q-J-6-5-3; Hearts: 7-6-3; Diamonds: Q-J-4-2; Clubs: 7.

West (Donna)
Spades: A-7-4; Hearts: K-10-6; Diamonds: A-K-10-6; Clubs: A-J-10.

North (moi)
Spades: K-10-9; Hearts: 9-5-3; Diamonds: 9-8-7-5; Clubs Q-6-3.

What seemed brilliant at the time was not only the offbeat Club bid, but Jim’s preservation of a low card in his hand to reach the dummy late in the play. Turns out it wasn’t quite that brilliant. The hand should make 7 Clubs and Jim made only 6. Plus it’s good for grand slams in No Trump and Hearts, as well as Clubs.

It’s still good for them, though. They’re tied for second with another pair at 6 Clubs, just short of the people who bid and make 6 No Trump. Meanwhile, four of the pairs take 13 tricks in Hearts and No Trump, but they don’t bid the slams. 

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