Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bridge Blog 950-B: Sudden Exit

Given the average advanced age of bridge players, it’s a wonder that we aren’t always falling by the wayside with cards in our hands. But it turns out to be rare. Rarer still at tournaments.
So it was unsettling Saturday morning when Art Matthies and I arrived at the Rita Sofia-Anne Watkins table, picked up our cards and started to bid the contract when Rita excused herself and withdrew to the ladies’ room. After a few minutes she returned and said she had to leave. Anne said Sunday she was feeling faint. I hope this was just an anomaly and she’s feeling better now.

One never knows. Someone Sunday mentioned a game in the Gatlinberg, Tenn., regional where a guy actually died at the table. To which I noted that bridge players are a lot like golfers, no matter what happens they just play on. 

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