Monday, April 17, 2017

Bridge Blog 949: Thank God It's ... Monday???

Like Garfield the cat, I had an aversion to Mondays. But then my schedule put me in the office on Sunday nights, which defused the dread of that first day of the working week. And for the past two weeks, Monday's been one of the brightest days of the week at the bridge table.
Bob Kaprove helped lift the gloom back on the 10th (Palm Monday?) with the best game I've seen since Feb. 9 – 59.17%, good for 1.75 points, second overall, losing to Mike Silverman and Martin Pieterse by half a match point.
The percentage was lower but the reward was better on Easter Monday as Carolyn Siracuse joined me in a game that improved from a fourth-place 51.67% finish to a first-overall 55.83% when I found a scoring error that reversed a minus 790 to a plus 790 (4 Hearts doubled vulnerable made against Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman) and bumped us up 5 match points. 2.33 master points, thank you.
According to the hand record, we should have made that 4 Heart bid anyway. The very next hand, however, was another top, and I believe it was because my partner broke one of the cardinal rules of the game (See Blog 948).

Meanwhile, let's also haul aboard that Saturday game with Denise Slattery – where our 55.30% made us second overall, first in the B strat for another 1.90 points – and April starts to look pretty good. 9.88 points overall so far.  

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