Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bridge Blog 671: Par for the course

When it was mentioned that I’m third on the Airport Bridge Club’s point list for April, I was astounded. When the month started, I was still in that miserable slump. And since then, it’s been a mixed bag of triumphs, catastrophes and miracles of stratification.
Still, the total was only 13.2 points, which led me to try to fatten it at the Sunday Swiss team game. Playing with the experienced Eva Schmidt, and with Dotty May and Florence Notto as our teammates, we had potential and showed it by winning two of our first three rounds. But we faded after lunch, getting beaten by the winless Mike Kisiel team and  slam-dunked by Jerry Geiger and John Ziemer. Two winning rounds gave us 0.60 of a point.
At any rate, with two more days to play, I can hope for another 17-point month in April, which at least is up to the par of January and February. May, meanwhile, does not look promising. I’m scheduled to be out of town for more than a week. And then there’s Memorial Day weekend.

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