Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bridge Blog 666: Seesaw

          My April bridge results have been like the April weather. Hot one day. Ice cold the next. This week is a perfect example.
          There was that 50.69% outing with Marilyn Sultz on Monday, which should have been rewarding, but left us without points. Then, on Tuesday, the lovely Pawan Matta and I turned in a dismal 43.75%, which nevertheless was touched by the miracle of stratification. We were second in C in our direction (Pawan has verrrry few points) and earned 0.41 points.
          Celine Murray came back from a lengthy bout with pneumonia on Tuesday and finished better than Pawan and I did. By Wednesday, she was in prime shape and we soared to a 63.39% game – first overall, 1.98 points.
          Thursday’s game with the beauteous Dianne Bloom was the other side of the roller coaster – back down to 43%. No points.
          A quick unofficial tally of points in my datebook shows me with 9.98 so far this month, a total which has been bolstered heavily – basically doubled – by two Sunday Swiss team games. The one on April 7 gave our team 1.77 points, while we scratched in both halves of the April 14 Swiss for a total of 3.10 points.
          Speaking of Swiss, I have high hopes for our Swiss team this coming Sunday in the Buffalo Spring Sectional Tournament.
Selina Volpatti is coming over from Canada to be my partner. The other half of the team is Dave Donaldson, who’s good and steady, and either Linda Burroughsford, who’s excellent, or Paula Kotowski, ditto. Barring something totally stupid, I reckon that this is a lineup that could finish in the top three in the B strat.
The pairs games Friday and Saturday are anyone’s guess. Friday partner Flo Boyd has had impressive results playing with Faith Perry in previous sectionals, so we might do something wonderful. And Saturday pairs me with Wednesday partner Celine Murray. Here’s hoping she’s still hot.

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