Friday, April 19, 2013

Bridge Blog 667: Buffalo Spring Sectiona[ Day 1

            It felt like bridge purgatory. Every hand seemed to have 11 points. Or less. Every hand seemed like marking time. Never was there a big score. Yet Florence Boyd and I racked up plus after plus in the 27-table morning session in the Main-Transit Fire Hall. In 26 hands, our opponents got seven plus scores, while we set them five times. It felt like a good round and it was – 56.08%, tied for fifth overall, tied for second in B. 1.27 silver points.
            We were declarers on 14 of the 26 boards in the morning, but in the afternoon session, a 22-table game, we found ourselves mostly on defense. We were declarers on only 11 of 27 boards and until the final round I had been the declarer on only two of them.
           Our finest moment in letting the opponents take the bid came against two of the best players in the room – Saleh Fetouh and Bud Seidenberg. Down two at 2 Clubs. Down 2 vulnerable at 1 No Trump. Down one a 4 Spades. Well, that one wasn’t so good, but we got 34 out of a possible 51 match points against them.
           Our final result wasn’t as good as the morning session – 52.15%, which put us fifth in B for the afternoon. What mattered, however, was overall score for the day. We were eighth in the A strat for the session, fifth in B. My printout summary showed us with 1.68 master points. I asked the director if that included our morning points, hoping that it didn’t. Yes, he said, it did.


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