Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bridge Blog 669: Tournament tape delay

Were results from the Buffalo Spring Sectional Tournament posted daily? No. Were they posted on the evening after the tournament ended? Someone said they were on the District 5 website, but I didn’t look there, figuring the Unit 116 site or the ACBL site would be the places to find them.
Come Monday they finally showed up at all three sites and the combined scoring for the pairs games, which baffled me over the weekend, yielded another surprise. A good one this time. The big combined list showed Flo Boyd and me with a combined score of 54.08% on Friday, fifth in the B strat and  2.18 silver points, about half a point more than I expected.
So my total for the tournament was 2.70 points, 63rd among 147 players who got points. Top gun once again was Saleh Fetouh, who was on the winning Swiss team Sunday afternoon, an effort that gave him 7.75 of his 21.66 points overall.
Two of his teammates were runners-up – Chris Urbanek with 19.70 and Bud Seidenberg with 19.50. Bert Hargeshimer and Christy Kellogg, partners for the weekend, tied for fourth at 12.82. John Toy was sixth with 12.50, followed by Gene Finton with 11.23 and Ken Meier and John Kirsits tied with 10.30. Saleh Fetouh’s other teammate – David Hemmer – was tenth with 9.91.
In all, there were 139 tables at the tournament, about the same as last year’s spring tournament, which had 137. How do our other sectionals do, attendance-wise? The winter sectional had 151 tables, last fall had 129. But compared to 2008, when they held the spring sectional in the Rescue Fire Hall in North Tonawanda, these are much better figures. That tournament had only 114 tables.

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