Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bridge Blog 663: Overdue

I am in a slump of epic proportions, the worst I can remember. I have not earned a master point, or even a fraction of one, in nine sessions, going back to Monday, March 25. On the previous day, in a Sunday Swiss team event, I managed only 0.38 of a point.
To find my last good game, you have to go back to March 21, the first full day of spring. That was the unexpected pairing with Jerry Geiger, when we had 55.45%. Things have been dismal since then. Here’s the sad tale, day by day:
March 22 with June Feuerstein, 46.53%.
March 25 with Usha Khurana, 45%.
March 26 with Marietta Kalman, 50.72%.
March 27 with Celine Murray, 47.08%.
March 28 with Florence Boyd, 44.94%.
March 29 with Selina Volpatti in St. Catharines, 41.07%.
March 30 with Cleveland Fleming, 50% even.
April 1 with Judy Kaprove, 47.05%.
April 2 with Pawan Matta, 48.66%
April 3 with Celine Murray, 47.98%.

Once upon a time, those upper 40% scores would have been good for second place in the C strat, but I don’t play there any more. You'd think that the law of averages would dictate a scratch every third or fourth game. But no. My blighted March (pending points on my ACBL tally sheet – just 8.78) has turned into a barren April. Help me, bridge gods. I’m overdue.

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