Monday, February 18, 2013

Bridge Blog 650: Inglorious 1,500

Partner Usha Khurana and I managed to cobble together a couple miracles of stratification Monday at the double-point double session at the Airport Bridge Club. In the morning session, where we thought we didn’t do badly, we had a 45.85% game, which put us second in the B strat North-South and gave us 0.48 of a point.
Although I thought at the time that this lifted me over the magic 1,500 lifetime master point mark, it actually left me teetering at 1,499.95. It took the afternoon game, where we were logy from the barbecued chicken lunch and were certain that we were doing more poorly than we did in the morning. Not so. It was a 47.89% game, second North-South in B and fourth overall in B, 0.59 of a point.

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