Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bridge Blog 644: St. Catharines in the rearview mirror

          The 0.36 silver point that Barbara Sadkin and I earned Friday at the St. Catharines Sectional Tournament tied us for 322nd place on a list of 337 point winners. Not much glory there.
          The glory belonged to the unstoppable Saleh Fetouh, who racked up 35.75 points for the weekend – 10.50 for winning the open pairs on Friday afternoon, 11.25 for second place in the A/X pairs Saturday afternoon and 14 as part of the winning Swiss team on Sunday.
His Swiss team partners had the highest totals of the other Buffalo players at the tournament -- Chris Urbanek (14.31 points, seventh), Bud Seidenberg and David Hemmer (14, tied for eighth). It was Saleh’s second straight sectional tournament triumph, having led the Buffalo Winter Sectional the previous weekend with 19.04 points.

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