Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bridge Blog 647: Warning: milestone ahead

Unless I get hit by a beer truck, this will be the month that I reach the magic mark of 1,500 master points. My lifetime total, the ACBL tells me, was 1,492.41 as of the end of January.
Since then, I’ve picked up 0.36 at the St. Catharines Sectional and scored three times at the Airport Bridge Club this week – 1.18 points for my 54.42% game with Usha Khurana on Monday, 0.91 for that stellar 63.75% second-place overall game with Celine Murray on Wednesday and another 0.34 on Thursday for a 47.40% game with sub Ruth Hnath after previously arranged partner June Feuerstein couldn’t make it. Let’s see, that’s 2.79 for the month so far, which puts the total at 1,495.20. With double points all next week at the club, 1,500 should arrive by next Thursday, maybe sooner.

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