Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bridge Blog 645: Nothing lasts forever

The streak is over. St. Catharines sectional tournament partner Barbara Sadkin and I got too bold Tuesday at the Airport Bridge Club and didn’t have enough top boards to balance out our bottoms. Two of our bottoms involved doubles that failed to set the opponents. And then there was my misguided push to slam when I forgot that we weren’t playing Cappelletti. On the other hand, there was the 6 Spade slam we bid that everyone else missed. Final result: 44.68%.
Usha Khurana and I preserved the streak handily on Monday, finishing first in the B strat overall with 54.42%, winning 1.18 points. Usha agreed to be my partner in the Swiss team game at the Airport Club on Sunday and wants to nail down dates to play knock-outs at the regional tournament in June. She thinks I might be her guide to gold points.
The Airport Bridge Club, meanwhile, has posted final results for its master point races for January and I’m third with 15.85, just ahead of John Ziemer’s 15.56. “Must have been those club series points,” he remarked as I was copying down the figures Tuesday afternoon. And indeed it was. I picked up fractional points in two of the January club series. Top point-getter at the club once again was Jerry Geiger, with 19.47, followed by the venerable Jim Mathis with 16.28.

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