Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bridge Blog 648: Inch by inch

The grand plan was to win a bunch of points in the Swiss team game at the Airport Bridge Club on Sunday, but like a lot of grand plans, it got derailed. Having convinced Usha Khurana to be my partner, we failed to reconstruct our good game earlier in the week and our teammates – Jim Brown and Ruth Hnath before lunch break, Jim Brown and Cleveland Fleming after lunch – couldn’t save us. We came close on a couple rounds, losing by 2 or 3 International Match Points, but only won one round – our last one – for 0.23 of a point.
Nevertheless, it was my third straight game that produced points, to which were added a fourth on Monday (52.44% with Joyce Greenspan, third overall, for 1.25 points) and a fifth on Tuesday (55.79% with Ruth Wurster, who was playing stellar defense to make up for my lapses, second North-South for 0.78 of a point). That gives me 4.74 in club points, plus those 0.36 silver. Lifetime total now – 1,497.46. Looks like 1,500 may have to wait for the weekend.

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