Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bridge Blog 599: Cellar dwellers

Judy Kaprove and I set a record in the morning session at the Airport Bridge Club Tuesday – the lowest score that either of us has ever posted. 24.48%. It was so bad that it was ridiculous. We just laughed.
My previous low, as best I recall, came at the old B&P Duplicate on a day when I was paired with the late Cliff Vogelsang, just before he disappeared into senior dementia. Dementia wasn’t our problem Tuesday, though, just exuberance, a missed slam or two and a few misplayed cards.
There were nine absolute bottom boards out of 24 and three more tied for bottom. We had three straight zeros against Jerry Geiger and Judi Marshall, who were the winners at 75%. They should give us a gratuity.
It seemed as if things were improving in the afternoon Swiss teams match, but our luck lasted only one round. We earned .23 of a point, .01 of it gold. I believe I’m still in the lead in the club’s master point race this month, though. In all, I’ve racked up 22.58 points, .28 of them gold.

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