Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bridge Blog 584: The waiting game

September master points have been tallied at the Airport Bridge Club and I’m first by a country mile, 13 points ahead of second-place John Ziemer. September’s 31.80 club points, plus the 3.78 from the sectional, also should result in a bodacious boost in the Unit 116 and District 5 races.
Figuring that totals for the year now are 141.87 for Ace of Clubs and 166.85 for Mini-McKenney points, let’s do some projections. For Unit 116, that likely means a jump from sixth to third in Ace of Clubs competition, and from eighth to maybe as high as fifth in the Mini-McKenney. District-wide, let’s look for an advance from seventh to fourth in Ace of Clubs and from 25th to maybe 20th on the Mini-McKenney list. We’ll see how close these projections come when the ACBL updates the master point races next Monday.
Meanwhile, October is off to a promising start. A surprisingly good 56.58% game with rookie Judy Zeckhauser on Monday brought us in third overall and gave us 0.45 of a point (no double points this time).
Tuesday’s double session found me and Beverly Dale sputtering to an unproductive 46.60% in the morning game, but rebounding smartly in the triple-point afternoon session. We came in first North-South with 54.92%, first in the B strat overall, earning 2.43 points. Nearly three points in two days! Dare we hope for a point per day again?

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