Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bridge Blog 588: Reality check

Now that the ACBL has posted the monthly numbers for the master point races, let’s see how my actual positions on the lists compare to my confident projections last week. After all,, September was my best point-gathering month in more than two years. I had high hopes.
On the Unit 116 level, which is just Buffalo, sure enough, I’m now in third place on the Ace of Clubs list with my 141.47 points earned in club play. Carlton Stone remains on top with 151.92, while Mike Silverman is second with 142.16. The rest of the Top 10 are John Ziemer, 139.39; former leader Vince Pesce, 128.23; Liz Clark, 127.34; Jim Gullo, 116.51; Barbara Libby, 107.05; Carolyn Siracuse, 99.92; and Michael Ryan. 90.85.
On the Unit 116 Mini-McKenney list, which includes both club and tournament points, my total is 166.85, but here I’m in fifth place, eclipsed by the unit’s successful tournament players. The new top dog here is John Ziemer with 263.74, followed by two of this year’s previous Mini-McKenney leaders, Judy Padgug, with 251.68; and Dian Petrov, with 239.76. Right in the middle of the big step between the big three and me is Mike Ryan with 193.66. The rest of the list includes Jim Gullo, 161.28; Carlton Stone, 157.78; Mike Silverman, 153.71; Liz Clark, 147.26; and Vince Pesce, with his 128.23 Ace of Clubs points.
Onward to the District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh) level. Last week I figured I’d be fifth in Ace of Clubs and around 20th in Mini-McKenney. And that was pretty close. I’m actually fourth in Ace of Clubs, with Robert Maier of Morgantown, W.Va., slipping in at second with 144.79. I’d expected that Francine Feldman would be ahead of me, too, but she must have had a slow month. She’s eigthth with 119.88. All the rest of the Top 10 are Unit 116 players. There are 13 of us in all on the Top 25, with Judy Padgug, 90.05; Paul Libby, 89.74; and Gene Finton, 75.11, also making the big list. Cutoff was at 73.08.
The District 5 Mini-McKenney finds me in 19th position. The Unit 116 leaders are all clustered near the top. John Ziemer is third, Judy Padgug is fourth and Dian Petrov is sixth. Continuing as leader is  Michael Creager of Brecksville, Ohio, with 428.80, followed by Robert Maier from Morgantown with 290.61. Mike Ryan is 12th, Jim Gullo is 20th, Carlton Stone is 21st, Mike Silverman is 23rd and Liz Clark is 25th.
I haven’t seen my name on the national Ace of Clubs Top 100 list since 2010, but I scanned it this month just because I was curious to see where the cut was. Turns out the cut is at 135.14. I’m on board – 71st. Leader once again is good old Charlie Christmas from Tallahassee, Fla., who now has 264.68 club points. Second is John Petrie from Long Beach, Calif., with 254.06. Carlton Stone is 40th.
I didn’t expect to crack the Top 100 on the national Mini-McKenney list and, after a look at the break-off point, I’m not likely to. Leader is James Gross of Lee’s Summit, Mo., with 552.17, followed by Margaret Hart of Baton Rouge, La., with 496.80. District 5 leader Creager is eighth. The list breaks off at 262.02. No Western New Yorkers are on it.

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