Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bridge Blog 595: Buffalo Regional Day 4

Can history repeat itself? I’m back in the third bracket knock-outs Friday afternoon with Judy Kaprove and the Hasselbacks, Carl and Jan, and we start out in a three-way contest again. We prevail again, too, beating both of the opponents (one being a team with Peter and Penny Shui and Dian Petrov as a fifth wheel platooning with Ted Khan, the other being Dottie May and Helen Panza), winning all four matches.
After a big delicious Italian dinner at Fortuna’s in Niagara Falls, the city looking more down and derelict than Buffalo over around 19th and Pine, we return to face the team Usha and I beat in the semi-finals Thursday, the Mulhall team. This time they take no prisoners. We’re 34 IMPs behind at the break and do even more poorly in the second half, losing by 77. No contest. Winnings for the day amount to only the 0.91 red point for winning in round one. With no Swiss teams on the schedule for Saturday, the Hasselbacks agree to join Judy and me for the compact knock-outs. Can history repeat itself in miniature?

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