Monday, October 29, 2012

Bridge Blog 598: Buffalo Regional Wrap-up

Ruminations while rambling through the results from the Buffalo Spooktacular Regional Tournament posted on the ACBL website.
The Ted Kahn-Dian Petrov partnership, which was remarked upon during the compact knock-outs on Friday, bore fruit elsewhere. They won the Tuesday afternoon side game (2.58 points). In all, Ted got 5.23 points.
Why didn’t I see Bruce Burr and Ross Markello at the regional? Because I was in the pairs and they were in the knock-outs on Tuesday, playing with Carlton Stone and Eleanor Whelan. They won Bracket 3, got 9.20 gold points.
That team we faced in the Sunday Swiss teams game – the guy from Mentor, Ohio, and the other guy from Astoria, Queens – were Peter Merker and Nicholas Hartung, respectively. They’re definitely A strat players and they won the Tuesday open pairs game Celine and I played in, raking in 14.35 gold points. They finished tied for 38th.
Top Buffalo area point winner for the tournament was Chris Urbanek with 63.85, just behind the two Maryland people – Paul Benedict and Lynn Jones – who tied for first at 64.53. Former Buffalo player Joel Wooldridge, listed as hailing from Astoria, was in a three-way tie for fourth with 58.14.
Other leading Buffalo players include:
John Toy, 41.35 (23rd)
Saleh Fetouh, 38.46 (32nd)
Jay Costello, 32.40 (42nd)
Dan Gerstman, 30.30 (43rd)
Bert Hargeshimer, 29.61 (tie for 44th)
Christy Kellogg, 29.61 (tie for 44th)
Jay Levy, 27.56 (47th)
Michael Ryan, 27 even (49th)
Stan Kozlowski, 23.67 (58th)
Dian Petrov, 22.68 (63rd)
Alex Kowal, 22.49 (64th)
Jerry Geiger, 21.21 (68th)
Penny Shui, 19.69 (71st)
Eleanor Whelan, 18.88 (74th)
Peter Shui, 18.81 (75th)
Jim Gullo, 16.34 (86th)
Donna Steffan, 15.80 (92nd)
Bob Padgug, 15.64 (96th)
Judy Padgug, 15.29 (100th)

Where did my 12.12 put me? 153rd, just ahead of Liz Clark’s 12.09. In all, 705 players got points.

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