Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bridge Blog 527: Day late

As of last Thursday, when Judie Bailey and I came in fourth in the B strat with 51.16% at the Airport Bridge Club and earned 0.38 of a master point, my club point total for April stood at 9.52. Three chances to break into double digits, but could I?
Not Friday with Marilyn Sultz. We thought we did OK, but watched our percentage sink as successive scoring updates were posted on the bulletin board. We got nothing for our 45.24%.
Chances looked better on Saturday when, arriving without a partner, I was paired with the best player in the room, Jerry Geiger. Even though he played most of the contracts, my bidding deficiencies hurt us and we just had bad luck. Worse than Friday – 43.06%. With Marilyn again on Monday, we seemed to be having a better day in a three-table Howell game. Four of the six pairs got points, but not us.
        It took until the calendar changed on Tuesday for my luck to improve, even if my game didn’t. Marie Suprinick and I had what felt like one of our better sessions – in the preliminary tally we were over 50% and second in the B strat – but that didn’t hold. We wound up at 44.70%, which somehow managed to be fourth in the C strat overall. Our reward – that 0.52 point I wanted on Monday.

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