Friday, May 18, 2012

Bridge Blog 530-B: Man in the mirror

          My past two weeks at the tables have felt like mirror images. Last week yielded a sub-50% game that earned fractional points, a better sub-50% game that didn’t, and that really big game with Alicia Kolipinski in the ACBL International Fund Game on Thursday, where we came home first overall with 61.61%, which earned us 3 points, maybe more on the district level. (I’m told the ACBL doesn’t tally these games up until the end of the month).
          This week I played five times – no golf games or medical appointments getting in the way this time around – with results that are surprisingly similar. This time there were two down days -- a dead-last 40.88% on Thursday with Faith Perry and a just-missed 47.42% on Monday with newbie partner Judy Zeckhauser. And there were two days when we got fractional points for showing up among the leaders – the 51.72% on Tuesday with Ruth Hnath and the 53.83% with Bill Regan on Friday. And then there was the bright, shining moment on Wednesday with Celine Murray, 59.52% for first-place overall in a double-point game, giving us 1.84 master points. Total for the month of May so far – 8.24. Maybe more, if Alicia Kolipinski and I got some district points in the ACBL International Fund Game.

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