Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bridge Blog 534: Too soon, too soon, the First of June

          I was starting to like May, especially the part following the Cleveland Regional. Although partner Celine Murray and I struck out in both halves of the chicken barbecue doubleheader game on Memorial Day Monday, we were hot on Wednesday, shaking down a 61.65% game for first overall and 0.8 of a point. It also boosted me up to the point-winners’ list in the Wednesday club series, based on your day-of-the-week wins.  
Add to that a 53.19% game with Mike Silverman on Tuesday (third in A, second in B, 0.4 of a point) and, through the miracle of stratification, a 46.68% game with Florence Boyd on Thursday (second in C North-South, 0.85 of a point). Club total for the month of May is 11.19. And then there’s that 3.03 from Cleveland.

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