Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bridge Blog 533: Cleveland in the rear view mirror

I think I saw Dan Gerstman, the man with the most master points in Buffalo, more frequently at the regional tournament in Cleveland last week than I see him here. We didn’t say hi, but he seemed pretty chipper and now that the tournament results are posted, I see why. Gerstman brought home some serious master points – 117.99. He finished second only to Phillip Becker of Beachwood, Ohio, who had 135.54.
How did Gerstman get so many points? Let’s break it down. He started as part of the winning team in the Wednesday evening side Swiss game. 4.85 points. Then, on a team with Phillip Becker, he tied for third in the Tuesday-Wednesday knock-out game. 15.38 points. In the Thursday-Friday knock-outs, the ones where we were stomped in the first round, he again played on a team with Becker and this time they came in first. 33.51 points.
He’s with Becker again for the Sunday morning knock-outs. They’re first again. 26.57 points. Then there are the Saturday-Sunday knock-outs. With Becker again, first place again. 37.68 points.
Other big-time Buffalo point winners included John Toy (46.10, 20th), Dian Petrov (32.76, 34th), Meg Klamp (14.47, 107 th), Judy Padgug and Eugene Harvey (13.49, tied for 124th), Chris Urbanek (11.29, 160th), and Bob Feasley and Mike Ryan (9.63, tied for 187th). 
And what about our little foursome? 3.03 points each, tied for 473rd. In all, 750 players got points.

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