Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bridge Blog 507: Partnership blues

I’ve got to have a word with Wednesday partner Celine Murray about laying down a trump as her opening lead. She did it four or five times this afternoon and every time she did it, it finessed my King or Queen. On the final hand of the day, she did it again, even though she was holding three trumps (as was I) and I’m sure it cost us a trick somehow.
That was only one of our misadventures, though. There was her 2 Club opener which wound up at 6 Diamonds, down four doubled vulnerable, after I showed her strength in my four-card Ace-King Diamond suit. She had just two Diamonds. The hand made 7 Clubs. There was the time I started dozing (curse that blood pressure medicine) and played my Ace of Spades, even though the finessed King was still lying there in the dummy. Not surprisingly, we finished with 38% in the 15-pair Howell game. Dead last.

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