Friday, March 30, 2012

Bridge Blog 517: Brighter days

Maybe March will be OK after all. Thanks to the last three days at the Airport Bridge Club, which is awarding double points this week, I’m closing in on double digits for the month.
On Wednesday with Chuck Schorr (regular Wednesday partner Celine Murray had a personal conflict), it was a 54.29% game, with only four or five bad miscues. First in the B strat, 1.3 points. On Thursday with Florence Boyd, we had lots of fun and still managed to come in second in C with 46.76%. A miracle of stratification and .73 point.
And then, on Friday, I’m paired with Usha Khurana. Sometimes we do well. Sometimes we don’t. Usha had finished well in the afternoon and evening games at the Bridge Center of Buffalo on Thursday, so she was optimistic, but her optimism faded as play went on (see Blog 517).  When the results were announced, we were happy to be beneficiaries of another miracle of stratification, getting a fraction of a point despite a 46% performance. But wait, that was the score for Pair 2 North-South. Club manager Bill Finkelstein had indavertently switched our names. We were pair 4. Pair 4 was first North-South with 57.08%, for 1.3 points.
Now that I have something like 9.35 for the month, I’m no longer debating whether I should play the Airport Bridge Club’s individual game on Saturday.  I’m there, even though my car won’t be. It’s in the shop overnight awaiting a brake job so it can pass inspection.

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