Monday, February 27, 2012

Bridge Blog 506: M.I.A.

   Apologies are in order, dear readers, for my long absence from this space. I've been on vacation (Arizona and California). I've been out sick (that nasty head cold that's been going around -- it fairly flattened me for a couple days). I've been preoccupied and distracted.
   But now that I've been reminded how much I've been out of action by a friend who hadn't seen my name on the winners' lists in the paper for a while, it's time to declare I'm alive and well (except for a nagging sniffle) and playing bridge almost every day, though not brilliantly.
   The result is that I have missed mucho days this month -- 16 out of 29 (thank god for Leap Day) and I'll be lucky to match even my pathetic January point count. The current February total is somewhere between 7 and 8. More soon. 

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