Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridge Blog 513: Diss a point

          Would pairing with a more experienced player improve my miserable game this week? Yes and no. Hooked up with Dotty May, who’s a life master, on Saturday, there were more conventions to employ and better hands played, but we barely made the list of master point winners. That was thanks to a miracle of stratification which put the cut-off point for the C strat at 1375. Our 48.08% game put us first in C for .24 points, bringing my total for the month up to 3.10. (Had we registered the same score at the double-point Bridge Center of Buffalo game, we would have been second in C, but better off point-wise: 0.85.) At this rate, I’ll be lucky to hit double digits.
Of course, I might improve my luck by eliminating a few mistakes. On Saturday, those included taking 11 tricks on a distributional hand which easily would have yielded all 13, failure to make a jump bid with an 11-high-card-point hand after Dotty’s take-out double, and failure to continue bidding to game in a hand where Dotty gave a strong response (then went on to take 12 tricks). Eliminate those errors and we’d be over 50%. Perhaps we can do that the next time we play together – next Saturday.

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