Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bridge Blog 861: Buffalo Regional Wrapped

It’s not news that out-of-towners dominated the top places on the master point list at the Buffalo Spooktacular Regional Tournament a couple weeks ago. They always do. First Buffalo player to show his face – Saleh Fetouh with 46.13 points – is in 20th place, followed immediately by Jay Levy with 45. 51.
The surprise this year comes from the unfamiliar faces among the big Buffalo point winners. You expect to see someone like Bud Seidenberg (36th, 28.84 points), but not Dr. Gaurang Sheth (31st, 31.97 points).
Also notable for their strong showings were: Shakeel Ahmad and Manju Ceylony (31.61, tied for 33rd) Linda Burroughsford (48th, 24.43), Dorothy May (52nd, 21.43), Joe Rooney (55th, 21.08) and John and Martha Welte (19.42, tied for 63rd).
Top dogs were Stephanie and Robert Alexander of Mentor, Ohio, tied for first with 63.15 points, followed by the venerable Martin Hunter from Toronto with 60.93. Ex-patriate Joel Wooldridge, whose address is now Astoria, was tied for fifth with 57.13. Saleh Fetouh was teamed with the Alexanders for a knock-out victory worth 14 points on Tuesday-Wednesday.

Me? You’ll have to follow the list down to 220th place to find me with my 5.38 points. In all, the tournament comprised 699 tables, with 487 players earning 4,518.34 points. It was a step down from the June 2013 tournament, the last one to be held at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island, when there were 886 tables. 

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