Monday, November 9, 2015

Bridge Blog 863: Falling into Niagara

How much bridge can we stand? Second regional tournament in three weeks is coming up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ont., beginning Tuesday, and I’m at once excited and chagrined.
Excited because Niagara Falls is where I got my life master hat trick – regular life master, bronze and silver – all in one fell swoop in 2011. Also excited because it seems like I do better there than at the Buffalo regional.
(Let’s do a little fact-checking via the ACBL website.
2013 – 2.02
2011 – 13.67
2008 – 1.50
2006 – 2.32
Hmmm. Not true. Guess it’s bigger in memory than it is in fact.)
And then I’m chagrined because all my arrangements are up in the air, despite my best efforts to nail them down.
Thanks to the tournament’s partnership chairwoman, I’ve lined up three sets of teammates for the knock-out competitions Tuesday through Saturday – well, maybe just through Friday – but all that has come into doubt courtesy of Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday partner Barbara Sadkin.

She announced at the club game Monday that she won’t be able to play Tuesday. Her daughter bought her tickets to Colm Wilkinson: Broadway and Beyond at the UB Center for the Arts Tuesday night. So now I’m obliged to line up somebody else to partner for Tuesday knock-outs at the last minute. Will I get away with telling them they can’t play Wednesday if we survive the Tuesday rounds? God only knows. 

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