Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bridge Blog 860: Buffalo Regional Finale

Well, we weren’t contenders in Sunday’s Swiss team extravaganza. We lost our first round, 25-5 Victory Points, thanks to some overbidding on my part, and it was pretty much downhill from there, even though I tried to be more cautious.
We prevailed in only two rounds, against teams that finished lower than we did. We missed bidding slams. Or else we bid slams and fell one trick short. Against Jerry Geiger and John Ziemer, we fell one trick short on five of the seven hands and lost by 25 International Match Points. At the end of the day, we had just 65 VPs, which might put us in last place, but left us instead 38th out of 41 teams. Two wins gave us 0.72 red points. A consolation, but a small one.
Our first loss, it turned out, was to the local team that went on to become the overall winners – Shakeel Ahmad; his wife, Manju Ceylony; Ten-Pao Lee and Gaurang Sheth. Four doctors – three physicians and, in Ten-Pao’s case, a Ph.D. in economics. Their reward: 17.85 gold points.
Other winners in the first round were the team that included Mike Silverman and Bill Boardman, who knocked off a quartet that included the two hotshot kids we played in the knock-outs on Friday. Score, 51-0 IMPs. Nationally-ranked players, Mike said. Unfortunately, this put Mike’s team up against more tough players and they failed to win the gold master points that Bill needs.  

One of the kids – the one who took forever to play a card Friday – turns out to be Gordon Zind from Ottawa, who says on his page on that he wants to become an options trader. Says he plays mostly professionally and teaches online. The other is Sean Gannon from Decatur, Ga., who two months ago finished third in the World Open Youth Championships. Surprisingly, their team only won three of the seven Swiss team rounds. 

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