Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bridge Blog 862: October Rounded Up

After a year when I was sidelined for days and weeks with serious medical problems, October felt like a return to double-digit point-winning form. And now that the ACBL has updated its master point races, I can get a better idea of how good it was.
In the Ace of Clubs race, which counts only points earned in club play, I picked up 13.70 to bring my total so far this year to 86.53. I’m still in seventh place among Unit 116’s Buffalo players with 1,000 to 2,500 master points, but instead of being 14 points out of sixth place, the margin now is only four.
John Ziemer continues on top of this list with 156.38, followed closely by Mike Silverman with 152.52. Then come three more over the century mark – Ken Meier, 144.55; Fred Yellen, 134.54; and Martin Pieterse, 123.52. Still in sixth place is Allen Beroza, with 90.47, then me with 86.53, Walt Olszewski, 73.88; Dorothy May, 72.84; and Bill Finkelstein, 71.39.
Overall Ace of Clubs leader for Unit 116 once again is Jerry Geiger, far out ahead with 213.51. Still second is Meg Klamp with 161.32. Then come John Ziemer, Mike Silverman and Ken Meier. Bill Boardman is sixth with 140.59, followed by Barbara Libby (135.01) and Judi Marshall (134.88). Among all Unit 116 Ace of Clubbers, I’m 17th.
Moving on to the Mini-McKenney races, which counts all points earned everywhere, I moved up a notch in the 1,000 to 2,500 point category, from eighth to seventh, with 113.39 points overall so far this year, picking up a total of 19.08 in October.
John Ziemer rolls along in first place here, too, with 224.58 points, but not much ahead of Fred Yellen, who has 221.28. After him comes Ken Meier, 185.81; David Hemmer, 172.28; Martin Pieterse, 168.59; and Mike Silverman, 167.88.
Then there’s that big step down to seventh place and my 113.39, followed by Dorothy May, 103.61; Barbara Pieterse, 100.36; and Allen Beroza, 99.53.
Among all Unit 116 players, the leader is Saleh Fetouh, who now has 415.12. Next are Jerry Geiger, 278.10; Dan Gerstman, 239.25; Bud Seidenberg, 236.69; Meg Klamp, 233.85; and Davis Heussler, 225.24. John Ziemer is seventh; Chris Urbanek is eighth with 222.88; then Fred Yellen and, in tenth place, Mike Ryan with 210.26. Me, I’m 32nd, down one place from last month.
On the District 5 level, which includes Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well as Buffalo, the Buffalo bunch still dominates the 1,000 to 2,500 point Ace of Clubs category. We have the top four places and five of the top six. Here I’m 13th.
Over in Mini-McKenney, it’s the Ohio folks on top. Sue Lan Ma of Kirtland Hills is first with 515.91, then Fleur Howard of Gates Mills with 490.69, Peter Merker of Mentor with 294.49 and Charles Ladiha of Vermilion with 230.80. John Ziemer and Fred Yellen are fifth and sixth. Ken Meier is eighth. And David Hemmer is tenth. I’m way down in 40th place.  

Queen of all District 5 players in the Mini-McKenney is good old Reanette Frobouck from Pittsburgh. 714.59. Next is Philip Becker of Beechwood, Ohio. 600.16, 47.87 of them earned with Fleur Howard at the Buffalo Regional. Sue Lan Ma is sixth. Saleh Fetouh is ninth. John Ziemer is 44th. I’m 165th. 

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