Monday, April 6, 2015

Bridge Blog 827: Near no-show in Toronto

          If it wasn’t for Saleh Fetouh, Buffalo area players would have been almost totally under the radar at last week’s Toronto Easter Regional Tournament. Saleh won 31.54 points, good for 40th place. He earned 25.40 of them for coming in second in the A/X pairs on Saturday.
On top of the list with 70.14 points were a guy from Toronto, Jonathan Steinberg, and a guy from Ottawa, David Sabourin. Former Buffalonian Joel Wooldridge, who now hails from Astoria, Queens, tied for sixth place with 56.38.
          Then you have to hunt way down the list for Kathy Pollock, who’s tied for 140th with 12.40, and Sandi England, tied for 205th with 10.67. On the entire list of 1,028 players who earned points (or fractions thereof) only 10 more of us Buffalo folks are there, all in the single digits.

          Even my friends from the St. Catharines club didn’t make much of an impact. Best of them were Brian Macartney and George Morrissey, tied for 94th, with 19.81, followed by Maureen Clark tied for 116th with 17.15.

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