Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bridge Blog 830, Buffalo Spring Sectional, Day 2

Saturday at the sectional has the feel of a game at the St. Catharines bridge club – two boards a round with 17 tables morning and afternoon for the two-session game (five more on the side for the single session in the p.m.). We play 26 hands against 13 pairs and don’t face the other four. It’s a quick game, made even quicker by director Brian Meyer, who allots 15 minutes for each round, but then calls a new round with two minutes left on the clock.
The morning is a succession of missed opportunities for me and partner Judie Bailey. We fail to bid two slams and, worse yet, get slapped down twice when I double the opponents. The end result is even more dismal that my Friday games with Celine Murray – 38.62%. Even so, we’re 14th out of 17 North-Souths. Not last. Not even next to last.
The afternoon is brighter. Sitting East-West, we don’t miss slams. The opponents do. We also bring in three top boards – Judie making 4 No Trump on a hand that’s supposed to be good for only 2 NT; the opponents bidding 3 Diamonds and making 5 Diamonds when they should have bid and made 6; and the final board of the day – 5 Clubs doubled and made by me on a distributional hand that should indeed make 5 Clubs.
Our score is much improved – 52.72%, second in the B stratification among the East-Wests. For this we get silver points, 1.09 of them.

As for the accommodations, hospitality is a repeat of Friday --  sweet rolls, doughnut holes and fruit and nut breads in the morning, wraps and cut-up fruits and veggies in the afternoon. No criticism there. Room temperature, on the other hand, gets lots of complaints. No heat because it’s sunny and in the 60s outside, so it’s cool Friday inside the Main-Transit Fire Hall social room and maybe a little cooler Saturday. Lots of people say they’re chilled. Judie puts on her jacket in the middle of the morning game and keeps wearing it for the rest of the day. 

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