Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bridge Blog 832: Buffalo Spring Sectional Redux

          The Buffalo Spring Sectional felt smaller than the Winter edition in January and it was. Table count was 145 vs. 156. A total of 147 players earned 545.43 points vs. 162 players earning 552.12. Master point leader once again is Bud Seidenberg, but this time he has 20.83 points instead of the 32.32 he captured three months ago.
          Bud once again was on the winning Swiss team on Sunday, which gave him 9.08 points. He also was first in the two-session pairs game on Friday, good for 9.97 points. Other point leaders include Bud’s Friday partner Jay Levy, 18; and two of his Swiss teammates, Chris Urbanek, 16.71; and Saleh Fetouh, 16.52. After them come Davis Heussler, 13.32; Jim Gullo, 12.91; and Donna Steffan, 12.56.

          You have to look way down the list to discover your humble correspondent in 96th place with 1.87 points, just behind Ron Henrikson (1.95) and barely ahead of John Ziemer and Jim Tao (tied with 1.86). John spent most of the week at the big regional tournament in Gatlinburg, Tenn. 

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