Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bridge Blog 826: Incremental

I’m not sure if it’s much of an improvement, but this middle week of chemo in March has allowed a little more time at the tables than the middle week in February did. Then again, I probably shouldn’t have played in a daze on Monday, but I was beguiled by Barbara Sadkin’s promise that “we’ll have our usual shitty game.” How bad could it be? Turns out it was better than usual, 52.38%, third in the A strat in a four-table game, 0.40 of a point.
Then I was in no shape to return until spring was in the dank, chilly air on Saturday, the 21st, and then after I felt unaccountably good on Friday. Better than I did on Saturday, to tell the truth. But I wanted to catch the first lessons on bidding and playing slams and, by sticking around and playing with Paula Salamone, I helped complete a perfect five-table Howell game – being perfect in that you play three hands against all nine of the other pairs.
We were far from perfect. Not even half perfect with our 45.61%. but thanks to the miracle of stratification (anyone with fewer than 1,900 points was in the C strat), we finished second in C in an extra-point game, earning more than I did on Monday – 0.89 of a point.
In the club’s March master point race, this elevated me from 19th place to 17th, with 4.77. On top of the race is John Ziemer, with 8.11, followed by Bill Boardman with 7.80, Ron Henrikson with 7.02, Martin Pieterese with 6.76, Jerry Geiger with 6.38 (he’s been playing the other clubs, though), Mike Ryan (ditto) with 6.33 and Mike Silverman with 5.72.

 To my total we can add that 0.98 from St. Catharines a few weeks ago. With extra-point games all next week and with any luck at all, this might turn into a 10-point month.

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