Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bridge Blog 775: STaC fade-out finale

STaC Week peaked for me on Wednesday with that 61.04% game with Celine Murray. Sure, Dianne Bloom and I picked up 0.74 of a point with a 52.50% game Thursday morning and I added another 0.93 with Selina Volpatti with a 51.25% Friday afternoon.
My hopes were high for Saturday’s games with Marietta Kalman, with whom I notched my highest-ever score, 74.40%, on April 19 (see Blog 757). But some early mistakes foretold that we were not destined for greatness or much of anything else – 43.86% in the morning, 39.86% in the afternoon.
Playing the Swiss teams game on Sunday smacked of desperation for points, since in Swiss you can get points even if you don’t win overall. And so it was and so we did. Expecting to play with Nancy Littenberg, who didn’t show up, I was paired instead with Wednesday partner Celine Murray, who was not at her best. Mike Kisiel and Rich Cramer-Benjamin rounded out our team. In the four-team matches, we won one round in the morning, one round in the afternoon, for a grand total of 0.49 of a point.
The biggest beneficiary Sunday turned out to be John Ziemer, whose team won the morning and afternoon sessions. It gave him just enough points to win first place in the district for the STaC.
John finished with 27.23 points, outpacing Gerrie Littman of Pittsburgh, who had 24.38. Liz Clark was third with 23.49. Jerry Geiger, who was John’s Sunday partner, was sixth with 19.09. After that, Harry Cheung was 14th with 13.42, Martin Pieterse was 20th with 12.39 and I was 22nd with 11.60. In the 2013 Summer STaC, I earned 11.61.

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