Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bridge Blog 772: Half a loaf

How high are my hopes for major master points during the District 5 STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Clubs) this week? Pretty darn high. Two sessions daily. Two chances for extra points at the club and major bonus points at the district level. To get those bonus points, however, you need to score better than 60 percent. Sometimes a lot better.
So I was gratified when partner Marilyn Sultz and I finished first in our direction in Monday morning’s STaC game at the Airport Bridge Club. It earned us 1.42 silver points. But we had only 59.07%, which isn’t usually enough for district bonuses. Let’s check the website. Shucks, still preliminary results, but 10 pairs are listed and we aren’t among them.
I also was gratified when partner Eva Schmidt and I finished second North-South in the B strat in the Tuesday morning game at the Airport Club. Our 58.60% got us 0.99 of a silver point, but isn’t going win anything more.
As for the afternoon games, they found us among the cellar dwellers. Marilyn Sultz and I registered 38.33%, dead last. Eva Schmidt and I did a little better Tuesday afternoon, 45.50%, fourth out of six pairs.

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