Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bridge Blog 774: The wow factor

Wow! That 61.01% finish Wednesday morning paid off in the Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC). Worth 1.5 points at the club level, it tied Celine Murray and me for first in the B strat on the District 5 level, which bumped the reward up to 4.19 silver points. Point count for the first 11 days in June – a whopping 16.09.
There’s another wow in the District 5 tally, where I’m sitting eighth out of 711 players in the STaC totals with 9.44 silver points as of Wednesday. Top bananas are our own John Ziemer with 15.45 and Liz Clark with 13.59, followed by four Pittsburgh people.
All this comes from victories in the morning sessions at the Airport Bridge Club, but not in the afternoons, a pattern that continued Thursday. After several Thursdays of terrible games, the lovely Dianne Bloom and I turned our luck around in the morning session with a 52.50% game, second in the B strat for 0.74 of a silver point. Not likely to register at the district level, but worth noting for the doubled and redoubled 4 Spade contract that I made with an overtrick for a plus 1,080. Wow again! In the afternoon, however, no wow. Our fortunes fell to 43.37%, 11th out of 13 pairs.

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